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  • Chat Abuse
    • Abusive language, inappropriate topics or jokes, misleading information, or any kind of harassment is not allowed.
    • Do not spam chat with repeated/similar messages in a short period of time, extremely long messages, non-English language characters, messages with ALL CAPS, or gibberish.
    • Extreme toxicity or being rude to other players is also not permitted. A bit of friendly trash talk is okay, but it may potentially be seen as toxicity, which will result in a punishment.

  • Unfair Advantages
    • Hacks, macros, autoclickers, mini maps, inventory checkers, bug abuse, exploiting, duping, or disallowed mods are not allowed except X-Ray which is allowed in the Overworld.
    • Bypassing Punishments with different IGNS/usernames, or other methods are also forbidden.

  • Inappropriate Content
    • Discussing offensive topics such as anything sexual, drug related, highly political, or hateful are considered inappropriate for this server.
    • Things such as creating inappropriate structures or creating an inappropriate team name are not allowed.
    • Inappropriate usernames, skins, capes, item names, signs, pet names, builds, or other cosmetics are also forbidden.

  • Discrimination
    • Discriminating others based on age, disability, gender, race, religion, belief, maternity, sex, or sexual orientation is not allowed.
    • No form of sexism, racism, homophobia, or other types of discrimination will be tolerated.

  • Advertisement
    • No self promotion is allowed on the server, including the discussion/advocation of products, services, or other Minecraft/discord servers. 
    • Asking if players would like to buy or trade items on in-game, or in the dedicated channel on discord is fine, but other advertisement that is not related to Dreamerz Network is not allowed.
    • YouTube and stream links MUST be Dreamerz Network related, but can only be advertised hourly (only posting the link once), feel free to make content on the server!

  • Scamming & Trading
    • Scamming players for items purchasable on the server store is not allowed, along with any attempt to scam players for materials outside of this server.
    • IRL/Cross server trading is also banned, meaning you cannot trade in-game items, services, or accounts for real currency, real world items, or in-game items on other servers.
    • Scamming players for Minecraft items in the server IS allowed, so be careful who you trust!

  • Threats
    • Threatening to, or actively doxing, DDOSing, harassment, blackmail, SWATTING, IP grabbing, or sending malicious links are all strictly banned.
    • Leaking/sharing the personal information of others is not allowed, whether or not the information is true or not, do not share your own personal information either.
    • Some of these offenses are even illegal, and absolutely no "jokes" in relation to these offenses will be tolerated.

  • Boosting
    • Using a friends account, or an alternate Minecraft account in order to boost stats (such as kills) on the SMP is not allowed.

      Dreamerz Network Survival SMP Rules:

  • Griefing
    • Griefing spawn is not allowed (lava casting, boat filling, animal filling, item filling, powder snow glitching, water cubes, placing random blocks everywhere, etc).
    • Lag machines of any kind including mass entities, giant redstone lag contraptions, chunk ban machines, or any other methods of lagging the server/banning or kicking players through exploits are strictly banned. Giant farms that produce major lag will also be considered lag machines, and are not allowed.
    • Large scale griefs that ruin the terrain of the server are not allowed (massive lava casts, large water cubes, clearing out massive chunks, placing random blocks everywhere).
    • Breaking bedrock or portal trapping are also not allowed.

      Dreamerz Network LifeSteal SMP Rules:

  • Heart Boosting
    • Using a friends account or alternate account to give yourself extra hearts on the server is not allowed. 
    • Additionally, an extra Minecraft account is not to be killed for extra hearts or kill stats.

  • Mega Farms
    • Building mega farms such as raid farms, shulker farms, or giant farms are not allowed.
    • Small farms like iron farms, or enderpearl farms are allowed, just nothing too big (that may cause lag).
    • Some Minecraft features are a little too overpowered, so focus on building big bases to store all of your loot instead!

  • Combat Log Glitches
    • Any glitches that allow yourself to unfairly escape from PVP are banned (pearl glitching through a spawn barrier, etc)